As the hospitality industry begins to get ready for re-opening fully to the public, we’ve put together a really simple and easy-to-digest guide for marketing a bar, pub, restaurant or hotel.

There’s only 6 steps to take in, laid out clearly over only 20 slides and it’s full of ideas for bar marketing, how to focus on marketing a pub, and what hotel or restaurant marketing should do right here and now to communicate with your audience and start getting consumers excited to come spend all their money with you.

We’re a restaurant, hotel, pub, bar and on trade marketing agency¬†for the hospitality industry – SO we’ve focussed this guide on the marketing side of things, rather than the operational and logistical elements for your re-opening.

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There are six things the guide covers which we think will be vital for marketing your bar:

  1. First, understand your consumers.
  2. Make safety messages a part of all communications.
  3. Bars and venues that reopen should keep delivery and collection as alternative revenue streams.
  4. Go local – very local.
  5. Be a stand up, decent brand – always.
  6. Build an engaged online audience.

Let us know if you find this pub, restaurant and bar marketing guide is useful, it helps us invest our time and effort in the right things of interest for the industry. If you want to speak to us about working together, or simply want to sanity check something in the meantime with one of our co-founders until you’re ready to work together in the future – just reach out to us via or via the chat function on our homepage.

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