I’ll be honest, we like to party.

To be even more honest, we love throwing parties. From bouncy castle rooms to indoor fireworks, it’s sort of a hobby. So when our client Be At One wanted an event to launch their damn fine new cocktail menu, we had our pencils at the ready.

First off, a great party comes from having a great client. Someone who knows what it is exactly their audience loves and someone who isn’t afraid to give it to them. So when we pitched the idea of an interactive pub quiz style challenge where guests do anything from creating their own drinks to garnishing cocktails from 20ft away Be At One went for it immediately.

Introducing, the Big Be At One Cocktail Challenge.


Now before we get into the night, let’s start at the beginning. To invite guests to this great challenge, we created a short list of London’s top cocktail, fashion and lifestyle influencers. Before shooting a bespoke video invite, just to them, delivered via Instagram.

We judged each influencers’ tastes from their profile and had one of Be At One’s top barman create a drink specifically for that guest. He then invited the recipient down for a night of great music, tasty new cocktails and of course our insane challenge.

The response was fantastic. So much so that we ended up filling Be At One’s downstairs bar in Oxford Street with over 90 influencers, press and competition winners from social. All snapping up film and photo content of the new cocktails, reaching thousands of people across social media in one evening.


From photo stations to take the perfect cocktail pic, to our instant hashtag printer and DrinkR board (where you could have a picture with your perfect match) the bar was a hive of branded content and user generated content too.


But let’s not forget the challenge itself. Whether you were one of the Minx-ologists or a View To A Spill, teams battled it out shaking shakers, making drinks, naming cocktails a recreating mixes they’d been taught by the bar staff, all for the grand prize of complimentary cocktails for a month!

Yes, for a month.

The endurance round which featured people shaking a cocktail shaker until they physically couldn’t lift their arms above their head any longer was a testament to everyone’s keenness for such a prize!


But beyond all the challenges, photo opportunities and great drinks, people had fun. The quintessential element. There were smiles, laughs and good times. Our influencers came away stating it wasn’t much like the events they’d attended before, they weren’t pressured and could relax and just have a great time. I mean, isn’t that the point of a party?!

The night was such a hit that there are now plans to roll it out as an regional event all over the country. Here at YesMore we’ve packaged up everything into a toolkit for area managers and regional marketing teams to implement themselves.

Meaning if you’re near a Be At One bar and you think you’ve got what it shakes, keep your ears to the ground, there could be one of these parties going off in your area real soon.

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Take it easy party people,


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