Be At One Menu Launch Case Study

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“Wow you guys totally smashed it on this one… again!”

Sophie Evans, Head Of Marketing, Be At One

Be At One came to us with the question of how to launch their new cocktail menu to as many relevant eyes as possible. They wanted a fresh, hands on approach which would bring people to their bar to witness the new branding of the company first hand and to (more importantly!) try the new drinks off the menu.

Our solution culminated into one big night to show off they're new look and amazing drinks. But before we get into the details of the project, let's start with the results. That one night generated...

Be At One - New Menu Launch Case Study Alcohol Marketing
Be At One - New Menu Launch Case Study Alcohol Marketing
Be At One - New Menu Launch Case Study Alcohol Marketing

Working with Be At One we created a pub quiz style game all about cocktails, music and PARTYING.

Once created we invited press and social influencers down to one of their fine bars (Kings Cross) to take part in what would surely be an interesting evening.

Challenges ranged from quizzing teams on their cocktail knowledge and testing their skills in creating drinks to bearing witness on their hand eye co ordination as they attempted to garnish their creations from across the room.

From a turn out of nearly 100 people our hashtag printer was in constant flow! Printing out peoples stylised shots from our cocktail photo booth. With quiz rounds geared towards user-generated content we firmly placed Be At One cocktails and their new menu at the forefront of people’s minds for cocktails.

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