The Budweiser Ad: US Beer Invades Russian World Cup

So InBev has unveiled its biggest ever spend for their latest Budweiser ad to feature globally during the Football World Cup 2018. Not surprising, considering an estimated 3.2 billion people will be tuning in worldwide, making it the most viewed event in human history. There’s a lot riding on this in the current political climate, […]

Label Design Trends To Have On Your Radar Right Now

  The year I’m sure has already brought in the taste of a new gin, wine, whisky or beer for you right? Out of interest, what made you adventure away from the norm (besides a recommend) was it the label design? Yeah it was! It’s ok, our heads are turning too. While it’s easy to […]

Crafting An Island

  On my recent travels I met with Garrett Marrero, founder of Maui Brewing to chat changes in industry, where it all started and of course brewing in paradise.     So where did the idea for Maui Brewing come from?   Maui Brewing was born from the simple idea of creating a truly authentic […]