Hard Seltzer Revolution: What The UK Needs To Know

Hard seltzer brands

You’d be forgiven for missing the link between hard seltzer and big beer brands. But big beer has been having quite the identity crisis over the last decade or so and nowhere have we seen more evidence of this than the new product releases hitting the shelves in the US.  While some, Budweiser for example, […]

The Best Dry January Campaigns of 2020

≥≤ SThis article was first featured on Beverage Daily on the 6th of February 2020. You can take a read of the article there by following this link. ‘Dry January’ creates an opportunity for low and no alcohol brands to jump-start momentum for the year ahead. Dan Hooper, co-founder and director of client services at […]

Superbowl LIV Alcohol Ads – Beer Brands Take Over

As you might have guessed the major beer brands turned up in for this year’s Superbowl LIV, with all six booze ads featured in the breaks coming from major breweries. In fact, the only non-beer product advertised this year was Bud Light’s Hard Seltzer (called it). We’re a beer marketing agency, get in touch if […]

Peloton & Aviation Gin: Alcoholism Takes Flight

I’d class myself as an enthusiast of both gin and cycling, though these two passions don’t often combine – unless we pass a great pub on a day ride. As a cycling purist, I am part of the crowd that has (rightly or wrongly) snubbed the stationary bike craze, led by Peloton, that’s still sweeping […]

Voting Punk: Should Food & Drink Brands Get Political?

Twas the night before the election, and all through the land, brands were wondering what to do about politics. OK, it’s not very poetic. But we’re starting to notice more food and drink/hospitality companies getting involved with politics – either intentionally, with a political aim (Brewdog offering free pints to voters; Wetherspoons promoting Brexit) or […]

Your Favourite Label 006 ~ Kevin Benishek of Magpie Brewing Co.

  This week I spoke with Kevin Benishek. Kevin is now the Creative Director at MuteHouse, previously the creative mind behind the ever expanding Magpie Brewing Co brand of South Korea. Magpie is arguable the most popular craft beer spot in Seoul. Founded by four friends in 2011 in a qut alley in Seoul, Magpie […]

What Low & No Means For Short & Strong

Recently this piece featured in Drinks International, you can read it below (obviously!) or here on the Drinks International site itself Low and no: How brands can adapt The changes the “low and no” market bring to the table are numerous as well as vast. The impact this is having on classic “shots” brands could […]

Your Favourite Label 005 ~ Jack Liakas of Sixpoint Brewery

Jack has been a designer at Sixpoint Brewery for 7 years now. His iconic style and weird and wonderful cans are a result of both his brain and the culminate brain of the brewery. In this interview he talks through his approach, where his inspiration comes from as well as who’d best play him in […]

How Has Pub Marketing Changed?

Original article written by Emma Eversham, published in The Morning Advertiser on 15th of February 2019. Please follow the link in the right hand panel under industry news titled, “How Has Pub Marketing Changed?” for the original. There are so many rules around advertising now, be them from the Advertising Standards Authority or the Portman […]

Your Favourite Label 004 ~ Hamish Campbell, Seedlip

It’s January! I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that, you’re well aware what month we’re in. I’m sure you’re also well aware of this particular months growing trend… Starting the year “dry” is increasing in popularity each time it comes round. Not to mention the growth in low and no alcohol as a […]